SoftLayer Cloud Servers coming soon to RightScale Cloud Management Platform

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"SoftLayer has created an impressive cloud offering with a truly global service. We look forward to the partnership, supporting their growing cloud services and global rollout ... RightScale is committed to supporting major cloud infrastructure providers such as SoftLayer and offering the highest caliber of management solutions for their customers."

- Michael Crandell
Co-founder and CEO

We're proud to share that we've partnered with RightScale to bring SoftLayer services to the RightScale Cloud Management Platform.

RightScale lets you design, deploy, manage, and automate cloud services from multiple providers in one tool. So now there are even more ways to scale your operations on our leading cloud infrastructure. Take advantage of CloudLayer's unique advantages, including a guarantee of a full physical core of a 2.0 GHz processor, deployment in as fast as five minutes, and an unparalleled ability to integrate cloud and dedicated servers into one environment with just one management system.

Cloud-Ready Server Templates

Get cloud servers up-and-running fast with a wide variety of images (including complete solution stacks) prepared with best practice design architectures.

Aggregated Deployment and Lifecycle Management

Deploy and manage CloudLayer services throughout their lifecycle alongside services from other providers through the RightScale Cloud Management Platform.

Automated Scaling and Tools

Automated scaling, remediation, and configuration provides a new level of ease for production deployment.

Total Transparency and Control

SoftLayer’s automated platform and RightScale’s open architecture lets you manage, monitor, test, troubleshoot, and re-launch applications with complete visibility and access.

Streamlined Migration

Easily template and migrate cloud servers from other providers to the SoftLayer platform, with total control and portability.