Bare Metal Servers

Build a bare metal server with your choice of processor(s), hard drive configuration, RAM, port speed, and more.

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Virtual Servers

Select the cores, storage, and RAM you need in your virtual server, and we'll deploy it in 5 to 15 minutes.

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Cloud Storage

Scale your storage infrastructure on demand while controlling your costs with SoftLayer object storage.

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Riak Hosting

Riak big data with a bare metal backbone.

You choose Riak when you want a flexible, fault-tolerant, distributed, ops-friendly big data environment. You choose to host Riak on SoftLayer when you want it to perform consistently at peak performance.

When your focus is on generating, analyzing, and storing a huge volume of data, you shouldn't have to worry about whether your infrastructure will be able to keep up with your business.

Bare Metal Power

Avoid the performance costs of shared hardware in virtual systems.

Full Control

Completely customize your solution and control where servers and replica sets are deployed.

Basho Partnership

Developed in partnership with Basho for optimized server configurations, software, and support.

Solution Designer

Use our solution designer to mix and match engineered server Configurations to meet your application's current needs, and easily add or remove hardware resources on demand with no long-term contracts as those needs change. Deploy one server or a cluster, in one data center or all over the world.

Engineered Server Configurations

In partnership with Basho, SoftLayer engineers developed base bare metal server configurations that feature the ideal ratios of processing power, RAM, and storage, with Riak or Riak Enterprise and an optimized CentOS64 distribution installed. Your entire environment can be configured, ordered, and provisioned with only a few clicks in about two hours, and billed by the month or by the year with no long-term contracts. Click the Design Your Solution button above and use our unique design-and-build tool to begin creating your Riak deployment.



Single 4-core 1270
Dual 6-core 5670


4x500GB SATA
4x300GB 15K SAS


RAM Options
16GB or 32GB
72GB or 128GB

Disk Options
1TB Drives
600GB 15k SAS or 400GB SSD

Monthly price per server

To build your Riak environment on SoftLayer, use our solution designer.

Riak Support Subscription

In addition to SoftLayer support of your infrastructure, Riak solutions can be ordered with Riak Enterprise edition and Basho Riak Enterprise Standard Support. You'll get access to insight and assistance from the company that created Riak, helping reduce costs, accelerate resolution, and streamline operations. Subscription costs are billed by SoftLayer in the same invoice as your entire solution.

Committed Nodes
Per Node / Per Month*

1 to 10

11 to 20

21 to 50

51 to 100


* Discounted annual support subscriptions are also available.

Riak Enterprise provides:

  • Multi-Data Center Replication: Riak Enterprise features two options for multi-data center replication: full sync and real-time sync. With full sync, replication of data occurs at scheduled intervals (default interval is six hours) between two clusters. With real-time sync, replication to the secondary data center(s) is triggered by updates to the primary data center.
  • Cascading Real-time Writes: Riak Enterprise includes a feature that cascades real-time writes across multiple clusters. This gives operators the choice as to whether or not all writes are replicated to all datacenters. Cascading Real-time Writes is enabled by default on new clusters running Riak Enterprise. On existing clusters, it will need to be manually enabled.
  • Extended Monitoring: Riak Enterprise supports both SNMP, shipping with an SNMP server built in, and JMX monitoring.

Riak Enterprise Standard Support provides:

  • 24x7 Professional Support: 24x7 support through an always-available ticket system, as well as a private team chat and phone access for resolving urgent issues.
  • Basho Professional Services: Engage Basho Professional Services for a range of Riak services, including planning, installation, deployment, development, and operations team training, data migration services, testing, and more.