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  1. SoftLayer API Overview

    Everything you need to know about the SoftLayer API including who should use it and how to use it.

  2. Meet SoftLayer

    Get up and running quickly with SoftLayer by learning tips and tricks from our KnowledgeLayer.

  3. SLDN Python

    Take the heavy lifting out of making manual XML-RPC API calls. Find information here on using Object Masks, handling errors, and more resources.

  1. KnowledgeLayer: How To

    These How Tos were developed by our support engineers to ensure your account, servers, and other services are all set up properly and ready to go.

  2. SLDN: Object Storage

    Bring your storage to the next level. This page will provide you with an introduction to object storage and the features that come standard. .

  3. SoftLayer API: SoftLayer_Account

    Learn how to make changes to your servers and services. This helpful list of how-to's will guide you through such topics as: billing, tickets, domain registrations, granting permissions, and more.

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  • Quick Links

    From our Customer Portal to VPN access and more, there are plenty of websites to remember. We’ve compiled this list of our more popular URLs so you can quickly reference them at any time.

  • Bare Metal Servers

    Learn more about SoftLayer bare metal servers, read "How To" articles about operation and management, and review FAQs to get all the answers you need.

  • Virtual Servers

    Learn more about SoftLayer virtual servers, read "How To" articles about operation and management, and review FAQs to get all the answers you need.

  • Network Gateways

    A Network Gateway provides the tools necessary to manage traffic into and out of one or more VLANs. It allows traffic to bypass front-end and back-end routers in favor of the Gateway.

  • Performance Storage

    Performance is a SoftLayer storage solution that is designed to support high I/O applications requiring predictable levels of performance. This predictable performance is achieved through the allocation of protocol-level input/output operations per second (IOPS) to individual volumes.

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More SLDN Articles

  • Getting Started with Tickets

    SoftLayer's ticket system is a primary communication medium for customers to interact with the SoftLayer support groups. The SoftLayer_Ticket service provides an interaction point for individual tickets, and all tickets on an account can be interfaced through SoftLayer_Account.

  • Ordering Bare Metal Servers Using the SoftLayer API

    The ability to order bare metal servers is one of the unique advantages of the SoftLayer cloud. But bare metal servers are inherently more complicated than virtual server instances (VSI) because there are many more choices.

  • Getting started with CCIs

    In the context of the SoftLayer API, SoftLayer CloudLayer Computing Instances(CCIs) are represented by SoftLayer_Virtual_Guest objects. The SoftLayer_Virtual_Guest service allows for interaction with a specific CCI and you are able to interact with all CCIs on your account through the SoftLayer_Account service.

  • SLDN Blog

    Get tips, tricks, and best practices from SoftLayer developers. With how-to guides and detailed product overviews, the SLDN Blog is a must-read for all developers.

  • SLDN: PHP Language Guide

    SoftLayer provides a PHP-based API client that takes the heavy lifting out making manual SOAP or XML-RPC calls.

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