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  1. Physical Location in the Cloud

    Learn about how distance and location can affect the performance of cloud resources.

  2. Network Performance 101: What is latency, and why does it matter?

    The more control you (or your provider) have over your data’s network path, the more consistent (and lower) your network latency will be.

  3. SoftLayer and AWS: What's the Difference?

    Do SoftLayer and AWS both offer Infrastructure as a Service? Yes. Does that make SoftLayer and AWS the same? No.

  1. Cloud, Interrupted: The Official SoftLayer Podcast

    Join Kevin Hazard, Phil Jackson, and Teddy Vandenberg as they wreak havoc interrupting the world of cloud.

  2. Fighting SPAM and Abuse on a Global Network

    Fighting abuse is an ongoing process, and while the nature of the beast might suggest the overall war will never be won, we're always getting faster and stronger.

  3. The Cloud Doesn’t Bite, Part I

    You have questions about the cloud that you wish you could ask. We have answers.

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