Services & Solution Provider Program

Services & Solution Provider Program

Because servers don't just sell themselves.

With an automated platform that is fully controlled and accessed by an extensive API, our services integrate into any hosting business and provide performance and reliability that you can be comfortable building your business upon.

To make reselling SoftLayer even easier, the Services & Solution Provider program provides generous volume discounts as well as a large number of exclusive benefits and features. Email us at, apply online, or call 866.398.7638 for more information.

White Labels

SoftLayer services seamlessly integrate with existing operations with fewer management layers.

Volume Discounts

Our generous tiered discount structure, allows you to pass savings on to your customers.

Global Reach

Data centers and additional network points of presence around the world provide a global footprint to call your own.

Reseller Discounts

Level Monthly Total Discount
Tier 1 $1,500 — $3,000 5%
Tier 2 $3,000 — $5,000 8%
Tier 3 $5,000 — $15,000 10%
Tier 4 $15,000 — $24,999 15%
Tier 5 $25,000 — $99,999 17.5%
Tier 6 $100,000+ 20%

Additional Program Features

  • Volume discounts on software, infrastructure, and setup
  • Preferential pricing on Windows Server licensing
  • Preferential delivery on limited, overstock, and promotional inventory
  • Preferential cancellation policy and flexible payment options
  • Priority server delivery (1–4 hours)
  • Published reseller information for all IP addresses with RWhois/SWIP/reverse DNS
  • License manager for Parallels Plesk Panel, and cPanel