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Private Clouds

Put your own cloud in the sky.

Cloud too crowded for you? Then build, manage, and have total control over your own cloud of virtual servers for reliable, consistent performance along with unmatched scalability.

SoftLayer bare metal servers provide the ideal, scalable, secure, high-performance infrastructure for running the virtualization technology of your choice, letting you create virtual servers on your own terms.

Avoid Noisy Neighbors

In public cloud environments, resources are shared among multiple customers. You have guaranteed access to compute and storage resources, but if someone else on your public cloud node is consuming their resources at the same time, your virtual server’s performance may vary. In a private cloud environment, you get the scalability and flexibility of public cloud, and you don’t have to worry about noisy neighbors.

Simplify Web App Development and Deployment

Burst instantly to meet increased demand, scale incrementally, and optimize resource usage in your own cloud environment. Private clouds provide an easier, more efficient solution to cumbersome and compute-intensive infrastructure by balancing workloads across your entire infrastructure.

Get Started Quickly

To create your own private cloud, just provision your hardware infrastructure and install your choice of virtualization software as your cloud computing hypervisor. It’s that easy. Add new host servers to your environment in only a few hours, and spin up virtual servers in real time. Be prepared for and quickly respond to traffic spikes during peak season, and easily scale back during slower periods.

Expand Geographically

Scale up your hardware footprint to create new cloud zones in data centers around the world, and have them communicate freely and securely over our private network. Because your private cloud lives on the SoftLayer platform, you can seamlessly add any of our other products or services to your environment with a few mouse clicks—from firewalls and network appliances to big data solutions and external storage options.

Extend your VMware footprint onto IBM Cloud.

Streamline your most used architects with IBM Cloud, like VMware Server Virtualization, VMware Virtual SAN, VMware NSX, VMware vRealize Suite and VMware Site Recovery Manager – using the same VMware management tools you’re already acquainted with.

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Get the best of both worlds with Private Cloud as a Service.

Experience the reliability, security and speed of a private, in-house solution combined with the flexibility, scalability and affordability of a public cloud. Leave the burden of designing, deploying and managing your own infrastructure to us.

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Create Your Own Private Cloud

No two private cloud deployments are the same. SoftLayer allows you to design (and only pay for) the infrastructure your that solution requires. Here are some of the typical components you’ll find in many private clouds.

Load Balancing

Increase application or site availability and performance by distributing traffic across local or globally diverse resources.

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Content Delivery Network

Put content on 24 nodes throughout the cloud, keeping it closer to end users to minimize the distance the data has to travel.

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Application Servers

Power applications with robust physical dedicated servers for fast response times.

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Hardware Firewall

Protect servers from malicious activity with enterprise-grade firewalls provisioned on demand.

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Web Servers

Scale virtual cloud servers on-demand to meet site load requirements during traffic spikes.

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Compare Costs: Traditional IT vs. SoftLayer

Determine the cost benefits of the SoftLayer platform.

Build your private cloud environment on SoftLayer resources, and save thousands in capital expenditures and operating expenses while enjoying better performance and more flexibility. Compare the costs of deploying infrastructure on-premises with provisioning the same environment on SoftLayer.

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