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SoftLayer Launches Content Delivery Network With Industry's Best Pricing

Dallas—Jul. 15, 2010

SoftLayer has further expanded its portfolio of advanced, on-demand data center services by launching CDNLayer, an industry leading content delivery network (CDN).

CDNLayer optimizes the delivery of web content so that it arrives to end-users with increased speed and reliability. The service is priced at only $20.00 per month for the first 200GB of data transferred and only $0.20 per GB thereafter, making it the simplest and most competitive CDN solution in the market.

“CDNLayer is one more way we provide enterprise-class services to customers of any size,” said Nathan Day, Chief Technology Officer at SoftLayer. “Consumer demand for online video and media-rich websites is exploding. Companies and individuals in every industry, from entertainment and gaming to social networking and e-commerce, will benefit from using CDNLayer to optimize their content management and delivery.”

CDNLayer uses a network of multiple, geographically diverse server nodes running advanced software that organizes, stores, and streams online content. Rather than serving content directly from the host server to the end-user, CDNLayer moves content from the host server to a node that is geographically closer to the end-user. This minimizes the distance the data has to travel, avoiding network traffic jams, and decreasing latency. CDNLayer includes tools for improved management, helping with content monetization. In addition, it features the ease-of-use and increased control for which SoftLayer is known.

“The Internet originally was not designed to deliver content that requires large transfer rates, leading to poor performance, interruptions, and failed downloads,” said Nathan Day, Chief Technology Officer at SoftLayer. “CDNLayer changes that. Content is delivered faster and more reliably, creating an improved user experience—leading end-users to spend more time on a site and use its services.”

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