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SoftLayer Introduces Innovative Recovery Solution

Dallas—Jul. 16, 2010

Today SoftLayer unveiled RescueLayer, an innovative automated system for restoring and repairing servers after crashes or failures. SoftLayer customers can use RescueLayer to reboot a failed server into a RAM-disk Unix, Linux or Windows PE rescue kernel. The rescue system is launched through SoftLayer’s best-in-class management portal.

"RescueLayer is a remarkably powerful solution. Our customers now have unprecedented flexibility for restoring a server that’s gone down," said Andrew Maten, SoftLayer Director of IT Systems. "We see this service as a natural extension of our commitment to giving customers advanced ideas and the most control over their systems."

RescueLayer provides system administrators exceptional access to the rescue kernel and their server. It automatically sets the recovery kernel with a server’s regularly assigned IP addresses, allowing full access via both the private or public network. Administrators can SSH/VNC into the recovery kernel, use FTP/HTTP to download utilities and other software needed for restoring the system, and access NAS and all other backend service network servers. They have full access to onboard file systems and locally attached storage as well.

"With this level of access, RescueLayer lets you quickly and easily do just about anything you need to restore a system," said Mr. Maten. RescueLayer lets administrators run a wide range of tools, including disk recovery utilities, PassMark tests, OS-specific repair utilities, and up-to-date antivirus, spyware and root kit scan utilities. They can directly recover deleted system files, replace corrupt system files, search, manage and backup data, remove malicious programs, and even independently reset system passwords.

"It’s long list of capabilities, but it all boils down to one major benefit—empowering customers to resolve issues quickly and conveniently," said Mr. Maten.

About SoftLayer Technologies

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