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SoftLayer Continues API Advancement

Dallas—Jul. 16, 2010

In response to the exceptional adoption rate of its open source API, SoftLayer has developed additional features for the API that will go live this week. Since its May 21 launch, the API user base has increased more than ten times over and API connections have averaged several thousand per day.

“Not only are we thrilled by how quickly the API has been adopted, we’re excited by how widely it’s being integrated,” said Nathan Day, SoftLayer’s Chief Technology Officer. “Customers are building it into cPanel, Plesk and Helm control panels. And they’re creating and sharing tools on the SoftLayer Development Network, which will make future integration and customization even faster and easier.”

Mr. Day said that the API presents near-limitless possibilities for customers and non-customers alike. Numerous third parties have already begun building applications around the API, including custom control panels and client side server applications. “You’ll quickly see these and much more in the market as shareware or third party add-ons,” he said.

To keep those possibilities growing, SoftLayer has expanded the API’s original feature set with three new capabilities: backbone bandwidth graphs, the SoftLayer Emergency Notification system and DNS Services with full control for integrating both authoritative name servers and reverse domain name servers. SoftLayer developers will continue to release new features on a bi-weekly basis through the end of the year as well.

SoftLayer has also added to its API team, hiring Kevin Laude, a senior developer with years of experience in software design and online communication, as API Evangelist. Mr. Laude will bring his expertise and enthusiasm to the SoftLayer Development Network, helping users as they migrate, build and design new systems and controls around the API.

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