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SoftLayer Adds Savvis To Enhance Connectivity And Performance

Dallas—Jul. 16, 2010

SoftLayer Technologies announced SAVVIS, the second backbone carrier for the on-demand hosting provider, is now operational. "In the planning stages of SoftLayer, we started with a long list of customer driven requirements and worked backwards in designing and building a system unlike any other," said Ric Moseley, Vice President of Engineering. "The addition of SAVVIS helps us continue toward that goal."

With a GigE handoff connection from its Equinix facility in the INFOMART, SAVVIS feeds SoftLayer's Public network. This network delivers tier-one performance and redundancies with multi-home gigabit backbone connections and industry-leading IDS, IPS, and DDOS mitigations systems. But according to Mr. Moseley, it's the second distinct routed network, the Private network, with its ability to connect servers to one another, which sets the company apart.

"Traditionally, server-to-server communication means cross-connecting issues, downtime, and other difficulties," said Mr. Moseley. "But with SoftLayer's Private VLAN network, new servers, once provisioned, will be up and communicating with your existing servers in no time - all with up to 1000Mbps port speed on the backend and no extra bandwidth charges."

Additionally, the service network within SoftLayer's Private network provides a direct, secure path to extensive private services including NAS, FTP, DNS, provisioning, monitoring, OS updates, graphing, and more. Through a separate carrier connected to the SSL VPN gateway, customers can access their backend VLAN and manage servers out of band.

SoftLayer's network is 100 percent Cisco driven with gigabit speeds available across both networks. Tipping Point 5000E IDS/IPS and DDOS remediation appliances have been implemented to block malicious traffic with zero day response. Arbor Networks Peakflow also offers advanced traffic analysis and all customers receive custom bandwidth graphing capabilities including monitoring alerts.

About SoftLayer Technologies

Headquartered in Dallas, SoftLayer is the innovation leader in Cloud, Dedicated, and Managed Hosting, and the largest private hosting company in the world. SoftLayer provides cloud, dedicated, and seamlessly integrated computing environments, with world-class data centers in Dallas, Houston, San Jose, Seattle, and Washington D.C., and network Points of Presence nationwide. The company integrates and automates all elements of its platform, empowering enterprises of any size with complete control, security, scalability, and ease-of-management via a leading Customer Portal and Open API. For more information, please visit or call 866.398.7638.