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SoftLayer Adds New Features to CDNLayer; Over 100 Active Customers

Dallas—Jul. 15, 2010

SoftLayer has enhanced its CDNLayer service that was initially launched on 12 May. The new features that have been added to CDNLayer include:

  • Bandwidth Monitoring by CDN PoP
  • Origin Pull of Content
  • FTP Across the SoftLayer Private Network

These services are available from all SoftLayer datacenters, so customers can still choose the location that best suits their needs.

Over the last month, well over one hundred customers have signed up for CDNLayer. These early adopters have made suggestions for additional functionality, with these three features being the most requested. “SoftLayer customers are very sophisticated users of technology and we feel that it is critical to prioritize and respond to their requests,” stated George Karidis, Chief Strategy Officer. “This is simply the first set of enhancements to CDNLayer that we have planned and expect to see an even more aggressive take-up of the service in the coming months,” he further affirmed.

More Information on the New Features:

Bandwidth Monitoring by CDN PoP – SoftLayer has deployed Point of Presence (PoP) bandwidth reporting. Customers can now determine the specific PoP being used to download content.

Origin Pull of Content – SoftLayer added the origin pull feature to CDNLayer. Each CDNLayer account can have an origin pull location which, when configured, will pull content from a web server at cache-controlled intervals before sending data to the final users' CDNLayer requests. With origin pull, users do not have to upload content through the SoftLayer portal or API. They simply manage the content on the origin web server. Users must still use the portal or the API to upload streaming content, such as Windows Media and Flash video.

FTP Across the SoftLayer Private Network –SoftLayer has enabled customers to use FTP to populate their CDNLayer accounts. With FTP access, customers can use scripts to automate the file transfer. FTP is a very efficient and simple means of managing file transfers regardless of the file size. By delivering this across the private network, customers can now send files from their server without any charge against the monthly bandwidth allotment.

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