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SoftLayer™ Introduces Bare Metal Cloud™

New Service Provides Elastic Computing Without Hypervisor

Dallas—Jul. 15, 2010

SoftLayer Technologies™ the leading on-demand data center services provider, has announced the addition of Bare Metal Cloud™ computing instances to its line of CloudLayer™ services. Bare Metal Cloud computing instances do not require a hypervisor, providing a cloud computing option that’s more viable for workloads that demand direct access to physical hardware, such as databases and calculation-intensive applications.

“Bare Metal Cloud gives customers with certain workloads the opportunity to enjoy the flexibility, provisioning, and on-demand billing advantages of cloud computing,” said Nathan Day, Chief Technology Officer, SoftLayer. “It’s scalable and pay as you go—all the power and advantages of virtualized hardware without the overhead of a hypervisor.”

Bare Metal Cloud customers can select the number of cores needed to adapt to workloads and capacity required, with their choice of hourly and monthly rates:

  • 2 Core - 2GB RAM -250GB HDD - $159.00 Monthly + 2000GB or $0.50 Hourly + $0.10/GB Bandwidth
  • 4 Core - 4GB RAM - 250GB HDD - $199.00 Monthly + 2000GB or $0.75 Hourly + $0.10/GB Bandwidth
  • 8 Core - 8GB RAM - 250GB HDD - $299.00 Monthly + 2000GB or $1.00 Hourly + $0.10/GB Bandwidth
  • 16 Core - 16GB RAM - 250GB HDD - $399.00 Monthly + 2000GB or $1.25 Hourly + $0.10/GB Bandwidth

SoftLayer’s CloudLayer services provide a wide-range of benefits, including:

  • Pay As You Go or Monthly Packages: Monthly billing is based on hourly usage or monthly plans with no long-term commitment, letting customers optimize their return on technology investment by paying only for the resources they need and use. Hourly billing will be offered in the near future.
  • Immediate Scalability: Services are added in real time to accommodate unexpected or temporary changes in demand, providing exactly the level of IT power and capacity as needed, when needed.
  • Ease of Use and Control: Full control via SoftLayer’s Customer Portal and API provides streamlined, simplified management, as well as direct access to all SoftLayer services and tools.
About SoftLayer Technologies

Headquartered in Dallas, SoftLayer is the innovation leader in Cloud, Dedicated, and Managed Hosting, and the largest private hosting company in the world. SoftLayer provides cloud, dedicated, and seamlessly integrated computing environments, with world-class data centers in Dallas, Houston, San Jose, Seattle, and Washington D.C., and network Points of Presence nationwide. The company integrates and automates all elements of its platform, empowering enterprises of any size with complete control, security, scalability, and ease-of-management via a leading Customer Portal and Open API. For more information, please visit or call 866.398.7638.