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SoftLayer® First to Offer New Intel® Westmere Servers

New Servers Feature Second Generation of High-k/Metal Gate Processors

DALLAS—Jun. 14, 2010

SoftLayer Technologies®, a global provider of on-demand data center, hosting, and cloud services, today announced it is the first in its industry to offer servers featuring the new Westmere family of Intel® Xeon® processors, available immediately. Formerly referred to as the Nehalem-C series, Westmere processors feature up to six cores per chip, up to 12 threads per socket, and 12MB on-chip cache.

Key benefits include:

  • Up to six-core operation (up to 12 threads per socket with Hyper-Threading)
  • Turbo/Hyper-Thread enabled
  • 12MB L3 CPU cache
  • 3 channels of DDR3 memory
  • DDR3L support
  • Intel Turbo Boost optimization
  • VT performance improvements

"Our customers deserve the best, and we strive to offer the latest, greatest technology. We're proud our customers can be first to leverage the new Westmere chips," said Nathan Day, SoftLayer Chief Technology Officer. "Westmere produces tangible, bottom-line benefits that any system administrator will notice, like improved total system performance with faster CPU communication between system components or other CPUs inside the server environment."

The Westmere series is produced using Intel's next-generation, 32nm manufacturing technology, allowing smaller form factors. More can be included on each chip; multi-chip packages include multiple CPU cores as well as an integrated graphics processor. Such high-level integration delivers better graphics and processing performance while consuming less power. Westmere also utilizes Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), a new instruction set for faster data encryption and decryption.

SoftLayer will offer four Westmere servers with single processor or dual processor configurations:

  • E5620 - 8 x 2.40GHz - single processor $409/month - dual processor $459/month
  • E5640 - 8 x 2.66GHZ - single processor $449/month - dual processor $499/month
  • X5650 - 12 x 2.66GHz - single processor $549/month - dual processor $599/month
  • X5670 - 12 x 2.93GHz - single processor $649/month - dual processor $699/month
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