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SoftLayer® Adds Data Transfer Service for USB-Compatible Devices

Enables Mass Data Transfers Without Tying Up Network Resources

DALLAS—Jul. 15, 2010

SoftLayer Technologies®, the innovative, on-demand data center services provider, today announced a new Data Transfer service that enables customers to transfer large amounts of data using USB-compatible device (such as a USB hard drive), CD, or DVD. The service is ideal for customers who want to very efficiently transfer large amounts of data or who have data that they prefer to not transmit over the network. All SoftLayer customers will have access to this service at no additional charge.

To utilize the new service, SoftLayer customers simply fill out a request form via the SoftLayer Customer Portal and then send their USB device or optical disk to the SoftLayer data center of their choice. There the device or disk will be physically connected into a custom, dedicated Media Data Transfer Service server.

"Customers can then connect the device or disk as an iSCSI target to any server or computing instance in their network, and remotely control their own data transfer," said Brad Lewis, Hardware Solutions Manager for SoftLayer. “They can move the volume between the computing units in their environment without the downtime that would come from physically moving the device or disk from server to server."

"Customers can leverage this new service for a wide range of solutions," said Nathan Day, Chief Technology Officer for SoftLayer. "Besides providing data transfer that doesn't eat up bandwidth, it provides a great option and increased flexibility for practical applications, like disaster recovery and offsite backup."

This is a complimentary service available to all SoftLayer customers. SoftLayer will also provide free return shipping on all equipment received.

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