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Press Release

Green Status Pro Selects SoftLayer, an IBM Company, to Help Clients Manage Government Regulation Compliance

Security, performance and ease-of-use make SoftLayer’s cloud a better choice

Dallas—October 11, 2013—SoftLayer, an IBM Company, today announced that Green Status Pro has chosen SoftLayer as the cloud platform for its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Green Status Pro’s software services provide a total solution for corporate executives responsible for complying with the SEC’s Conflict Minerals Rule legislated by Dodd-Frank Section 1502. The company leads the way in automating the time consuming tasks of demonstrating compliance with government regulations while helping businesses ensure their products meet ethical standards.

Adopted in late 2012, the SEC Conflict Minerals Rule requires producers of a wide range of goods and services, from cell phones and computers to jewelry,make a reasonable determination if their products contain tin, tungsten, tantalum or gold sourced from the DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo) or its adjoining countries. The objective is to stop the violence in these areas committed by armed groups funded by trading in conflict minerals. Green Status Pro provides a roadmap for meeting compliance while automating the due diligence and inquiry requirements of the regulation.

Green Status Pro found that setting up and maintaining its virtual infrastructure on the SoftLayer platform was significantly faster and easier than it would be on competing cloud provider platforms. This reduced costs and allowed the company to bring its software services to market faster, while meeting all customer decision criteria. These include, in order of importance, enterprise security followed by operational support services, configuration flexibility, and systems response time.

“Our mission at Green Status Pro is to streamline the tasks of operating managers, helping to free them from spending excessive amounts of time, money and labor adhering to these new regulations. Simplifying Conflict Minerals Due Diligence Procedures and Reporting is a perfect example of how we automate compliance for complex regulations,” said Green Status Pro president, Rob Kasameyer. “Our customers expect us to provide a service where data security, performance and best-in-class infrastructure-as-a-service are a prerequisite for doing business. SoftLayer was superior to alternatives for providing us with these critical capabilities.”

The SEC projects that the Conflict Minerals Act covers 6,000 public corporations. Industry associations estimate that another 280,000 offshore and privately held suppliers to these corporations must also report their sourcing of conflict minerals. The prospect base for Green Status Pro’s Conflict Minerals Due Diligence Management and Reporting software service running on SoftLayer’s infrastructure consists of all 6,000 corporations and the majority of their suppliers.

"SaaS companies like Green Status Pro have a unique set of infrastructure requirements focusing on the areas of security, performance and ease-of-use. The IT infrastructure they choose to build and scale their businesses on will often determine if they succeed or not—it is critical to their livelihood,” said SoftLayer CEO, Lance Crosby. “SoftLayer provides the right mix of infrastructure capabilities, including bare metal server performance and virtual computing resources, that help Green Status Pro transform the way businesses comply with ongoing government regulations.”

To read a blog post from Green Status Pro founder John Logan about the powerful impact that cloud computing can have on entrepreneurs and innovation, click here.

Catalyst Startup Program

Green Status Pro is a member of the SoftLayer Catalyst Startup program which helps drive innovation through start-ups. The program provides access to SoftLayer cloud infrastructure; technology, strategy, and marketing mentorship and advice from senior SoftLayer team members; and opportunities to collaborate with potential partners and investors. Green Status Pro takes advantage of this access and capabilities in order to speed up time to market. For more information on the Catalyst Startup Program, visit

About IBM Cloud Computing

IBM has helped more than 30,000 clients around the world with 40,000 industry experts. Since its acquisition in 2013, SoftLayer, an IBM Company, has served 4,500 new cloud clients. Today, IBM has 100+ cloud SaaS solutions, thousands of experts with deep industry knowledge helping clients transform and a network of 40 data centers worldwide. Since 2007, IBM has invested more than $7 billion in 17 acquisitions to accelerate its cloud initiatives and build a high value cloud portfolio. IBM holds 1,560 cloud patents focused on driving innovation. In fact, IBM for the 21st consecutive year topped the annual list of US patent leaders. IBM processes more than 5.5M client transactions daily through IBM's public cloud. For more information about cloud offerings from IBM, visit Follow us on Twitter at @IBMcloud and on our blog at Join the conversation #ibmcloud.

SoftLayer, an IBM Company

SoftLayer, an IBM Company, operates a global cloud infrastructure platform built for Internet scale. With 100,000 devices under management, 13 data centers in the United States, Asia, and Europe and a global footprint of network points of presence, SoftLayer provides Infrastructure-as-a-Service to leading-edge customers ranging from Web startups to global enterprises. SoftLayer’s modular architecture provides unparalleled performance and control, with a full-featured API and sophisticated automation controlling a flexible unified platform that seamlessly spans physical and virtual devices, and a worldwide network for secure, low-latency communications. For more information, please visit

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Director, Corporate Communications