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Press Release

SoftLayer Network Upgrade Brings More Packets Per Second To VOIP, Gaming and Video

Dallas—January 15, 2007— Today, on-demand hosting provider, SoftLayer Technologies, announced a multi-million dollar Cisco upgrade to its core network designed at meeting the future bandwidth requirements of the Internet. Currently two backbone providers, Verio and Internap, have been upgraded to multiple 10-gigabit connections and the remaining carriers will be upgraded throughout the first quarter of this year.

The network enhancement focuses on large-scale bandwidth usage while dramatically increasing the packets per second capability across the entire network. "The rules for content providers are constantly changing," said Lance Crosby, President and CEO of SoftLayer Technologies. "Web 2.0 technology companies require a quality of service and a suite of offerings that standard hosting companies can no longer deliver. We're addressing those needs."

According to Mr. Crosby, the growth of voice-over-IP telephony, large scale gaming, and streaming video have driven the need for this upgrade. "The rise of these content platforms has led to a decrease in the packet size of information transmission and therefore has decreased the capabilities of today's legacy Internet routing equipment," he said. "How providers choose to meet this challenge will be key."

Ric Moseley, Vice President of Engineering at SoftLayer echoes many of Mr. Crosby's sentiments. "The average server bandwidth utilization for our customer has doubled over the previous twelve months, while the average size of each packet has decreased by more than 50 percent. Today, a premier network is no longer just about mass gigabits of throughput - it's about mass gigabits of throughput for smaller packets."

Mr. Crosby concluded, "We're dedicated to delivering the highest quality of service as newer technologies rise in demand and require more packets and pipe. Forget about bringing 10g to the network. We are bringing 10g to the rack." 


About SoftLayer Technologies

Headquartered in Dallas, SoftLayer is the innovation leader in Cloud, Dedicated, and Managed Hosting, and the largest private hosting company in the world. SoftLayer provides cloud, dedicated, and seamlessly integrated computing environments, with world-class data centers in Dallas, Houston, San Jose, Seattle, and Washington D.C., and network Points of Presence nationwide. The company integrates and automates all elements of its platform, empowering enterprises of any size with complete control, security, scalability, and ease-of-management via a leading Customer Portal and Open API. For more information, please visit or call 866.398.7638.

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