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Press Release

SoftLayer CDNLayerTM Grows Even Stronger

New Features Add to Content Delivery Network’s Capabilities and Growth

Dallas—February 17, 2009—SoftLayerTM today announced new advanced features for CDNLayer, the company’s proprietary content delivery network. The features can be accessed and controlled through the SoftLayer Customer Portal and API, and include:

  • Content Authentication: providing digital transaction control to restrict content access and enable e-commerce solutions.
  • Cache Clearing: eliminating cached files from all CDN PoP’s to remove time sensitive material quickly and easily

CDNLayer has been greatly successful since launching a year ago, with bandwidth consumption growing 500% from the third to fourth quarters of 2008 alone. Enterprises of all sizes have found exceptional opportunities and value in the service’s capabilities and no-contract pricing model. Customers pay only $0.20/GB for bandwidth used. Combined with SoftLayer’s other standard, commitment-free services, this makes CDNLayer a highly cost-effective solution, especially for customers that face periods of unexpected traffic spikes and Internet bottlenecks.

“On the Internet, content is king. CDNLayer not only gives our customers consistent and reliable content delivery, it brings them a tool for managing and securing content access and digital rights,” said Nathan Day, SoftLayer Chief Technology Officer. “These new features extend CDNLayer’s capabilities for protecting the value of customers’ content and maximizing its return.”

CDNLayer moves content geographically closer to end-users, which helps minimize the distance that content has to travel, avoid network traffic jams, and decrease latency. In addition to the new features announced today, the service also provides customers:

  • SoftLayer’s content access control service, utilizing unique tokens or IP addresses to authorize access
  • Flexibility to write their own content access control tools
  • FTP access across the SoftLayer private network to load content with unlimited additional bandwidth
  • Bandwidth monitoring through CDN PoP
  • Origin pull of content for managing content from an origin web server


About SoftLayer Technologies

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, SoftLayer is a best-in-class, infrastructure-as-a-service provider with data centers in Dallas, Seattle, and Washington, DC, and network Points of Presence across the US. SoftLayer integrates and automates all IT elements, allowing customers to create cloud, dedicated, or seamless hybrid computing environments managed through a single interface. Enterprises of any size can have complete control, security, scalability, and ease-of-management in an on-demand IT solution. For more information, please visit or call 866.398.7638.

Nathan Huey

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