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Dedicated Host SoftLayer Named Red Hat Advanced Hosting Partner

Dallas—Jul. 16, 2010

SoftLayer Technologies announced today that the on-demand hosting provider has been named a Red Hat Advanced Hosting Partner. Such status enables SoftLayer to source affordable Red Hat Enterprise operating systems and applications to their customers. "As a Red Hat Advanced Hosting Partner, we can offer the competitive pricing, world-class support and invaluable resources associated with the Red Hat brand," said Jacob Linscott, Director of IT Systems at SoftLayer.

According to Mr. Linscott, SoftLayer is dedicated to both Red Hat ES for enterprise server environments and the Red Hat Fedora program for open source and development projects. "Red Hat gives our customers enterprise scalability and reliability in their server deployments."

As a Advanced Hosting Partner, SoftLayer can leverage the Red Hat brand to create custom solutions and models to specifically meet the needs of their customers, gain access to partner resources and have the opportunity to offer Red Hat Enterprise Linux technology. Red Hat offers a variety of options to ensure each provider has the ability to meet the needs of their customers.

Built for enterprise environments and application deployments, Red Hat ES is a highly agile operating system that is scalable with new dual core systems from AMD and Intel. These systems come standard on every SoftLayer server offering and are compatible with Plesk and cPanel. Red Hat Enterprise operating systems also deliver stable database environments with MySQL and Oracle.

Additionally, Red Hat ES provides customers with a subscription to RHN Satellite update services. Subscribers can quickly update servers on SoftLayer's private network without the worry of security issues, public bandwidth consumption or typically slow public update servers. SoftLayer includes this subscription service free of charge.

"Utilizing our onsite RHN Satellite update servers on the private network, our customers are able to keep their enterprises secure and up-to-date quickly and efficiently," concluded Mr. Linscott. "Couple Red Hat ES 3.0 and 4.0 with our dedication to the open source Fedora program and SoftLayer offers a wide range of OS solutions for all Linux based server needs."

About SoftLayer Technologies

Headquartered in Dallas, SoftLayer is the innovation leader in Cloud, Dedicated, and Managed Hosting, and the largest private hosting company in the world. SoftLayer provides cloud, dedicated, and seamlessly integrated computing environments, with world-class data centers in Dallas, Houston, San Jose, Seattle, and Washington D.C., and network Points of Presence nationwide. The company integrates and automates all elements of its platform, empowering enterprises of any size with complete control, security, scalability, and ease-of-management via a leading Customer Portal and Open API. For more information, please visit or call 866.398.7638.