Server Density


Server Density is a hosted server and website monitoring service that alerts you when your website is slow, down, or backed up. It monitors your websites from locations around the world and delivers internal statistics for system values in historical graphs, making it easy to track down problems, plan capacity, and avoid downtime. Receive your alerts via e-mail, SMS, and push notification.

  • Internal statistics tracked from system values including CPU, memory, network traffic, and disk space
  • Disk to application monitoring available for Apache, MySQL, and MongoDB
  • Supports Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, and Mac operating systems
  • Stats and alerts available on the move with apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices
  • Write your own plugins or use our 3rd party plugin store to monitor all your metrics
  • Prevent problems before they cause downtime with flexible alerting
  • Improve page load time by discovering when servers are overloaded
  • Get up and running in minutes without complex configuration or ongoing management