MODX Revolution is an intuitive, feature-rich, open source content management platform. MODX Revolution can easily integrate with other applications as the heart of your Customer Experience Management solution. MODX gives designers total creative freedom, non-technical users complete control to easily manage their site, and developers a single platform to bridge internal and external IT worlds.

  • Easy integration with other applications
  • Multi-site and multi-language website management
  • Installation of add-ons from within the application
  • Enterprise-class security, user model and authentication
  • Ability to output any format from HTML, XML, JSON to CSS, PDF, including custom formats
  • Out-of-the-box selective caching and custom cache capability
  • Object oriented programming (OOP) core and full API
  • Fast and easy management
  • Visibility into actual progress, not just wishful thinking
  • Powerful analytics and detailed statistics for data-driven management
  • More than just Scrum: project management and collaboration for the whole company