Bare Metal Servers

Build a bare metal server with your choice of processor(s), hard drive configuration, RAM, port speed, and more.

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Virtual Servers

Select the cores, storage, and RAM you need in your virtual server, and we'll deploy it in 5 to 15 minutes.

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Cloud Storage

Scale your storage infrastructure on demand while controlling your costs with SoftLayer object storage.

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The Kontagent kSuite Analytics Platform is a leading enterprise analytics solution for social and mobile application developers. Its powerful dashboard and data science expertise provide organization-wide insights into how customers interact within applications and how to act on that data. From measuring user acquisition to engagement and retention, and finally to monetization, the SaaS-based solution delivers on-demand access to deep intelligence that helps social and mobile businesses build more profitable enterprises.

  • Customizable dashboard that reports on key metrics for the entire organization
  • Data science guidance on how to interpret and act on user data
  • Deep reporting on user acquisition and marketing channel efficacy
  • Retention tracking over time, by install date
  • In-session application engagement tracking
  • Custom event and user cohort tracking
  • Application funnel tracking
  • Real-time application event monitoring
  • Organization-wide accessibility to the most actionable metrics
  • Full customer lifecycle reporting for social and mobile developers and marketers
  • Data science guidance, education and best practices
  • Enterprise-level account management and technical support
  • Measurement and optimization of ROI with full-funnel visibility
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