Bare Metal Servers

Build a bare metal server with your choice of processor(s), hard drive configuration, RAM, port speed, and more.

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Virtual Servers

Select the cores, storage, and RAM you need in your virtual server, and we'll deploy it in 5 to 15 minutes.

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Cloud Storage

Scale your storage infrastructure on demand while controlling your costs with SoftLayer object storage.

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Cloudant enables you to build great web apps without having to worry about developing, managing, and scaling your data layer. Unlike traditional SQL databases, which limit scalability and slow down development with the constant need to redesign your data model, Cloudant provides a hosted data management and distribution service for fast-growing web apps using JSON (or other documented-oriented data models) combined with high-powered MapReduce indexers or Lucene-compatible full text search for querying. The Cloudant service is built on Apache CouchDB, MapReduce, and asymmetric horizontal clustering and analytics rocket science developed internally to help make building and growing web apps easy. Instead of traditional data models, you store data as JSON and access it via HTTP. Indexes are defined using a lightweight MapReduce protocol and can be written in Javascript or any language of choice. You can also store, manage, and serve your application code from within Cloudant. Replication is fundamental to Cloudant. Data--and indexes and code--is distributed to multiple Cloudant clusters in multiple SoftLayer data centers across the globe. This enables constant availability (even in the face of network failure) and low-latency application access from anywhere. Cloudant is to web app and database what a CDN is to website content.

  • Hosted Data Management Service for JSON and its indexes
  • RESTful interface to data service
  • 100% API compatible with Apache CouchDB
  • Data, indexes, and code are replicated to global network of data centers for lowest-latency access and high availability
  • Horizontal scalability
  • Automatic sharding and clustering
  • Fault tolerance
  • Security/role-based access control
  • Automatic replication for backup, mobile synching, federation, etc.
  • Monitoring and administration console
  • Chainable MapReduce for advanced analytics
  • Lucene-compatible, full-text search
  • Hosted service--setup, backup, and other management services performed for you
  • Scalable data management in minutes--Hosted, scaled, and replicated across the global network of SoftLayer data centers
  • Fast app development--Elimination of costly data migrations, redesigns, scaling, and tuning
  • Painless scalability--Automatic, symmetric horizontal clustering (a la Amazon's Dynamo) and sharding for fast-growing workloads
  • High availability--Apps and data always available to your users
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