The Spotlight Shines on SoftLayer Customers

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MetricsCat is a simple and functional tool for app markets analytics. Its aim is to help app developers, marketers, and users to get the data about apps and market insights in one look.
The MongoHQ platform is the first fully managed MongoDB-as-a-service built for speed, scale, and performance by the best MongoDB experts around.
Nubity is a cloud management platform for managing and monitoring servers, or delegating server management to a specialized system administrator team.
Predatar takes Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) into the cloud to improve control, transparency, and service levels while reducing operational and capital costs.
Qbox provides hosting, support, and services for the Elasticsearch open source data exploration and analytics platform.
SilverSky's suite of cloud-based email collaboration and email security services provide secure collaboration fully integrated email security and compliance software services.

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