Bare Metal Servers

Build a bare metal server with your choice of processor(s), hard drive configuration, RAM, port speed, and more.

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Virtual Servers

Select the cores, storage, and RAM you need in your virtual server, and we'll deploy it in 5 to 15 minutes.

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Cloud Storage

Scale your storage infrastructure on demand while controlling your costs with SoftLayer object storage.

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MongoDB Hosting

SoftLayer engineered. MongoDB approved.

Get the performance your MongoDB big data environment deserves, with the scalability that your applications require. We worked with MongoDB, Inc. to design and optimize a turnkey MongoDB solution powered by high performance bare metal servers.

Our easy-to-use solution designer allows you build and customize a multi-server MongoDB environment and provision it in the data center(s) of your choice in a matter of hours. No complex configurations. No hardware tweaking. No obscure technical documentation.

Bare Metal Power

Avoid the performance costs of shared hardware in virtual systems.

Full Control

Completely customize your solution and control where servers and clusters are deployed,


Developed in partnership with MongoDB for optimized server configurations, software, and support.

Solution Designer

Use our solution designer to mix and match engineered server configurations to meet your application’s current needs, and easily add or remove hardware resources on demand with no long-term contracts as those needs change. Deploy one server or a cluster in a replica set in one data center or all over the world.

Engineered Server Configurations

In partnership with MongoDB, SoftLayer engineers developed base bare metal server configurations that feature the ideal ratios of processing power, RAM, and storage, with MongoDB and an optimized CentOS distribution installed. Grab them and go, or further customize any configuration to your unique needs.

Use our solution designer to order, customize, and deploy one of these solutions.


Single 4 Core 1270
Dual 6 Core 5670
Dual 8-core E5-2620


4X 300 15K SAS
6X 600GB 15K SAS

1Gb Network
1Gb Network
1Gb Network

Starting at $359/month
Starting at $1,419/month
Starting at $3,449/month

To build your MongoDB environment on SoftLayer, use our solution designer.

MongoDB Support Subscriptions

In addition to SoftLayer support of your infrastructure, MongoDB solutions can be ordered with a support subscription with valuable advantages including commercial MongoDB licenses, 24x7 support directly from MongoDB, Inc., enterprise-grade capabilities and uptime, and the MongoDB Enterprise edition (available with MongoDB Enterprise Support Subscription). Subscription costs are billed by SoftLayer in the same invoice as your entire solution.


MongoDB Enterprise

MongoDB Management Service

1 Hour
30 Minutes

24 x 7 x 365
24 x 7 x 365


JSON Data Model w/Dynamic Schemas

Auto-Sharding for Horizontal Scalability

Built-In Replication for High Availability

Role-Based Privileges

Emergency Patches

Kerberos Authentication

Platform Certifications

SNMP Support

Private, On-Demand Training

SSL Encryption

Red Hat Identity Mgmt Certification

Monthly price per server

MongoDB Enterprise (available with MongoDB Enterprise Support Subscription)
MongoDB Enterprise contains a number of value-added features, including:

  • Kerberos Authentication enables you to integrate MongoDB Enterprise into standard security systems.
  • On-premise monitoring provides visualization and alerts for MongoDB on over 100 system metrics. It is based on the same application that powers MongoDB’s popular cloud-based MongoDB Monitoring Service (MMS).
  • SNMP support makes it easy to integrate MongoDB with popular management and monitoring tools, such as Nagios.
  • Certification on Red Hat/CentOS, Ubuntu, and popular Linux distributions provides operational stability.

Professional Support
MongoDB Subscriptions provide 24x7 access to support from the same engineers that build the database itself. This includes information and support services that span your entire application lifecycle. Customers can ask MongoDB experts an unlimited number of questions at any time of day. Support also includes emergency patches for MongoDB.

Customer Success Program
Through the Customer Success Program, MongoDB, Inc. conducts an initial onboarding process, as well as multiple check-ins throughout the year to ensure your systems are running properly. They’ll also keep you apprised of software updates, documentation, events, and webinars to ensure you have the resources you need to be successful.

Commercial License
Enterprises can help protect their investments with a commercial license and its associated warranty. Those with restrictions around the AGPL license or those interested in OEM applications may also prefer a commercial license.

For more information about MongoDB Support Subscriptions, please email