Fill your cloud toolbox.

We know the pain points that make systems administrators cringe. And we’ve built tools to alleviate that pain. We offer several innovative tools to streamline the complex processes typically involved in server replication, testing, and recovery.

Flex Images

Move from virtual to bare metal and back again.

Capture images from virtual or bare metal servers, store them in a single image library, and then deploy them on either kind of system. Capabilities that have historically only been available with virtual infrastructure—the ability to quickly clone and reload servers—now available with bare metal servers. Our automated system adapts any image on the fly, so you can deploy it on any platform or system you choose, enabling simple, seamless migration between physical and virtual environments.

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Easier Scaling

Deploy any kind of server from an image captured from any other kind of server.

Seamless Integration

Manage images in one image library, and deploy on whichever server type, whenever needed.

Better Uptime

Replicate rapidly across geographically diverse physical infrastructure.

Image Import/Export

Bring your own image to your SoftLayer solution, or vice versa.

If you already developed server configurations to meet your specific business needs, our Image Import and Export service allows you to import your disk images into your SoftLayer account, ready to deploy new SoftLayer virtual server instances. This is a free service to all SoftLayer customers (beyond the standard charges for virtual server instances and storage). Current SoftLayer customers can log in to the customer portal to start using Image Import/Export today.

Quick Replication

Use any image, from anywhere within your SoftLayer environment to quickly scale your infrastructure.

Simplified Migration

Easily bring images into your SoftLayer environment or move them elsewhere as needed.

Better Uptime

Easily bring images into your SoftLayer environment or move them elsewhere as needed.

PassMark BurnInTest™

Test and harden servers before troubles arise.

Test your SoftLayer hardware before deploying your mission-critical workload or after configuration changes to help reduce costly outages of critical operations. BurnInTest thoroughly exercises the CPU, drive, and RAM, simulating long-term application usage in a short period of vulnerability testing. Taking advantage of this test.

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Prevent Downtime

Test the stability of a system after configuration changes or hardware upgrades to prevent critical application downtime.

Test Fast

Multithreaded simultaneous component testing simulates thousands of hours of compute cycles.

No Charge

Access at any time through customer portal for no additional charge or fee.

Rescue Kernel

Boot a failed server with an external kernel,
to diagnose and resolve issues.

Bring a server online after a crash or failure in order to troubleshoot system issues that would normally only be resolved through an OS reload. Launched from the SoftLayer customer portal, our automated system boots failed servers into a RAM-disk Unix, Linux, or Windows PE rescue kernel, providing access and control of the troubled server. Run a wide range of tools, including disk recovery utilities, PassMark tests, OS-specific repair utilities, and up-to-date antivirus, spyware, and root kit scan utilities.

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Access the Inaccessible

With Rescue Kernel, your server is booted into a RAM-disk state, giving you access to investigate and respond to issues that would otherwise have prevented you from reaching your server.

Avoid an OS Reload

It’s easy to perform an OS reload in the SoftLayer customer portal to resolve an issue, but if you can restore everything with rescue kernel utilities, you can save yourself time and effort.

Recover Quickly

With self-service, automated access to rescue kernels, you can get the information you need to get your server back online quickly.