Bare Metal Servers

Build a bare metal server with your choice of processor(s), hard drive configuration, RAM, port speed, and more.

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Virtual Servers

Select the cores, storage, and RAM you need in your virtual server, and we'll deploy it in 5 to 15 minutes.

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Cloud Storage

Scale your storage infrastructure on demand while controlling your costs with SoftLayer object storage.

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Hosting in Europe. Changing the world.

Transforming your industry requires a cloud provider that has done the same. SoftLayer provides virtual and bare metal server hosting with the scalability, control, performance, and global footprint that growing, demanding online services require.

Global Reach

Provision servers in Amsterdam and London and experience unparalleled network performance and be closer to your users around the world via our growing number of data centers and network PoPs globally linked together.

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Total Control

With our fully automated platform, you can directly manage all aspects of your environment so you can streamline management, reduce operational costs, and focus your efforts on your business interests.

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Higher Scalability and Flexibility

Complex cloud environments can have multiple, widely—ranging workloads. Scale effectively—bare metal servers in about two hours, virtual servers in as few as five minutes—with no yearlong commitments.

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Our network of networks.

Our global network boasts more than 2,000Gbps of connectivity between data centers and network points of presence (PoPs). These locations each have multiple 10Gbps transit connections as well as peering links to additional service providers and access networks.

SoftLayer data centers are connected by the industry’s most advanced network within a network, which integrates distinct public, private, and internal management networks to deliver lower total networking costs, better access, and higher speed. 2TBps between locations. Less than 40ms of latency into the private network from locations around the world.

  • Private Network—connected by a fiber private network enabling you to securely connect your services in SoftLayer data centers around the world
  • Public Network—multiple 10Gbps connections from multiple top-tier backbone carriers brings gigabit speed right to the server
  • Management Network—connect to our unique management network for fast, streamlined access to all SoftLayer services

Simplified management tools.

Repetitive and time-consuming management tasks like server replication, testing, and recovery are simplified and automated with our toolbox of server utilities. Choose from several available tools that streamline these time-consuming, complex processes.

  • Move images from virtual to bare metal and back again with Flex Images
  • Import your disk images into your SoftLayer account with Image Import and Export service
  • Test hardware before deploying mission-critical workload with PassMark BurnInTest
  • Boot a failed server with an external kernel to diagnose and resolve issues with Rescue Kernel

A single set of controls.

Use our homegrown resources to access, monitor, and manage your cloud infrastructure and your SoftLayer account. A single set of controls make server management and account administration quick and easy.

  • SoftLayer API provides system-to-system access
  • Control everything in your SoftLayer environment with a few clicks in the Customer Portal
  • Keep your cloud infrastructure in your pocket with our mobile app

On demand.

Customization Options


Customize up to 32 cores. Each server comes with at least one full 2.0GHz core.


Each cloud server comes with at least 1GB of RAM. You can ramp up to 48GB.


Choose up to 1.2TB local or SAN storage for your cloud server.

Fully customize a bare metal server with your choice of processor(s), hard drive config, RAM, port speed, and more, and we’ll deploy it in 2 to 4 hours. Your monthly bare metal server also includes 500GB of outbound public bandwidth at no additional cost.

If you’d prefer to build your cloud infrastructure on virtual servers, simply select the cores, storage, and RAM you need, and our automated provisioning system will deploy those virtual servers within 5 to 15 minutes. Your virtual servers also include 250GB of outbound public bandwidth (with monthly billing) at no additional cost.

Let our experts help you build your cloud environment in Europe.
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