What will you build?

With up to $500 in cloud servers and services,
the sky's the limit.

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Global Locations

Our global footprint of data centers is growing. So chances are we have (or soon will) a location where you need your application or solution to live. So you can stay in a country or region, or scale out globally to meet your users where they are.

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Higher Performance

Your virtual and bare metal servers are completely customizable, so you can go bare bones or load ‘em up with as much power as you want. You’ll never again have to settle for limited configurations and paying for more of a resource than you need.

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Total Control

Take advantage of one management system, network, and platform, with one API and Web portal. You have access to your every server, storage solution, and service, all securely connected and controlled—no extra networking or virtualization required.

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Global cloud platform. You pick the local address.

Where will you
build on
Get up to $500* to spend on any SoftLayer server or service, anywhere in the world. Promo code: Get Started with $500 Get Started: Chat with us

Does your application or solution need to reside in a specific country or region? At Softlayer, you can deploy it practically anywhere you want.

We’ve got locations available around the world, and we’re adding new data centers and network points of presence (PoPs) all the time, so you have even more options for where you want your solution or application to live.

That means you can keep location-sensitive workloads closer to your end-users. Keep backups closer to home, or replicate and integrate them to any other SoftLayer data center in the world, with free unmetered bandwidth between locations.

Big plans for your application? Better power up.

How much power
do you need?
Take up to $500* and load up on the power you need to build the best application. Promo code: 500BUILD Get Started with $500 Get Started: Chat with us

Whatever service, application, or solution you want to build in the cloud, SoftLayer has servers with the level of power you need to support it.

Build and scale on the most nimble or the most robust virtual and bare metal servers on the market. Customize your virtual servers with the cores, RAM, and storage you need. Build a bare metal server with your ideal level of RAM, SSD hard drives, network uplinks, and much more.

Deploy on demand. Choose hourly or monthly billing. And seamlessly integrate and scale however you need.

Our cloud is yours to command.

Take control of
your cloud.
Start building your application with up to $500* in servers and services and enjoy total control over every aspect of your cloud. Promo code: 500BUILD Get Started with $500 Get Started: Chat with us

At SoftLayer, we’re beyond automated. We’re integrated. And you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything you can’t do on our platform.

Every facet of our cloud infrastructure—including bare metal servers, virtual servers, and all of our other services—is integrated and managed by a single management system for a level of automation no one else in the industry can touch. This quite literally gives you total control of every aspect of your SoftLayer environment via customer portal, API, or mobile apps.

With total access to your entire SoftLayer environment, you’ll be able to:

  • Deploy servers and services on demand
  • Control everything via Web portal, API, and mobile apps
  • Get unlimited bandwidth on the private network
Use our promotion and get up to $500 in servers and services.
Chat with our team and get started with up to $500 in servers and services.

*Offer expires . Limit one promo code use per customer only. Up to $500 off the first order for the first billing cycle of servers and services in any of SoftLayer’s data centers around the world. Only valid on servers and services that are charged by the month. Cannot be combined with other offers. For more information on this offer, please read the FAQ or contact a sales representative.