The cloud doesn’t have to be cloudy. We provide the highest level of transparency and control of your cloud services. Specify the exact data center where you want your servers. Get complete visibility into your environment’s performance. Understand your costs with upfront pricing. No secrets. No surprises. No kidding.

Know What It Will Cost

Every monthly SoftLayer server comes with storage and outbound bandwidth included (250GB/month for virtual, 500GB/month for bare metal). And all SoftLayer services have unlimited inbound and private network traffic.

Know How It Will Perform

Configure a bare metal server to your exact specifications, and you’ll get the consistent, reliable performance your workloads demand. Choose a virtual server for your variable or short-term workloads, and you’ll be provisioned on nodes with 2.0GHz or faster cores.

Know Where It Is

You choose the exact data center where any of your SoftLayer services are deployed. And with our global private network, you can seamlessly connect it all—the way cloud should be.

Know What It’s Doing

The entire SoftLayer platform is automated and accessed through one API, web portal, and set of mobile apps. You can see and control every aspect of your solution and account, our network, and more, all in one place.