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SoftLayer offers high performance cloud resources on a global high-speed network from an enterprise-grade data center in Toronto. Build your cloud infrastructure on our platform in North America.

Fully Integrated Computing Environment

SoftLayer provides the only completely integrated solution in the industry. Dedicated servers, virtualized environments and cloud solutions all operate together seamlessly to create an on-demand solution that can be scaled in real time.

Seamless Global Network

Our advanced network integrates public, private, and management networks. So you can deploy bare metal in Toronto, virtual in Singapore, and let them think they are in the same rack.

Redundancy in North America

Replicate or integrate data between our Toronto and Washington D.C. data centers with exceptional transfer speeds (and unmetered bandwidth at no charge) between facilities with unparalleled performance.

Canada Data Residency

If you or your end users have location-sensitive workloads or data that need to be hosted in the Canada, now you can have SoftLayer services right in country.

"As a data-driven company, we care a lot about its residency. Having a data center in Canada puts us in control and helps us focus on growth. Thank you Softlayer!"
Ovidiu Mija, Founder, Zilyo

SoftLayer’s global network is growing.

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