Putting your workload in the cloud doesn’t have to mean putting it at risk. The SoftLayer platform lets you deploy infrastructure outside your walls but completely within your security profile (and comfort zone). Build what you want. Lock it up how you need. We’ve taken “public” out of public cloud.

Private Bare Metal Servers

You have the physical machine to yourself, so you get peak performance along with secure access and complete control.

Private Virtual Servers

Provision SoftLayer virtual servers on private nodes in our public cloud environment. We manage the hardware and virtualization, and you never encounter noisy neighbors.

Private Clouds

Deploy the virtualization solution of your choice on top of our bare metal servers. You keep complete control, and you can integrate at will with your on-premises and off-premises bare metal and virtual servers.

Private Network

All SoftLayer services can be managed through a seamless, global private network, completely separate from the public Internet. You dictate where and how your servers and information can be accessed.