SoftLayer Pricing

No hidden fees. No surprises. No long-term contracts.

SoftLayer delivers cloud resources without the cloudy pricing. Configure your cloud infrastructure to meet your workload’s performance needs, and monitor your costs all the way down to the resource level.

Get complete visibility into your cloud costs with clear, consistent pricing so you can ensure you only pay for what you intend to use. That’s cloud built to perform at prices built to afford.

Our Pricing Philosophy

Cloud costs shouldn’t be confusing.

SoftLayer offers clear, competitive pricing for high performance bare metal servers, virtual servers, and cloud services on hourly or monthly terms. Additionally, we provide complete visibility into your cloud costs, even down to the server resource level, to give you unparalleled control over your infrastructure spend.

We strive to deliver the best cloud performance for the price so that you can build your big idea, build your business, and build the future.

Modular Server Pricing

Customize your cloud with the resources you demand.

At SoftLayer, we understand every cloud environment requires different resources and not every customer needs the same servers, storage, or bandwidth as the next customer. Instead of bundling services that you may not need or forcing configurations that don’t meet your unique workload, we let you build your own cloud from the start.

Bare metal servers and virtual servers are priced the same way: Choose the compute, RAM, storage, and network resources you want to provision, and we break down the price to show you where the costs incur.

Whether you’re deploying a small virtual server or building a massive quad- processor server with 36 hard drives, you’ll be able to account for every penny of your cloud costs so that you can make educated buying decisions.

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Transparent Regional Pricing

What you need. Where you need it.

To deliver a seamless user experience, we build our data centers to the same specifications around the world and fill them with the same high performance hardware. But costs associated with building and operating data centers around the world often vary significantly by region and by country.

Our clear, modular pricing helps ensure your business against server and service subsidization, and helps lower your multi-datacenter operational costs.

Public Bandwidth
FREE $0.09/GB*
Private Network
Management Network
*Starting at price. Bandwidth pricing varies based on data center region.
Bandwidth Rates

In each data center location, we turn up network connections with the fastest, most reliable bandwidth partners in the region. We negotiate to get our customers the most competitive public outbound bandwidth rates in every market.

All of our products and services include free inbound and outbound bandwidth across our global private network and our out-of-band management network. Customers with monthly cloud servers can opt to order up to 20TB of public outbound bandwidth to bring bandwidth costs down to less than $0.075/GB.