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*Offer valid for $500 off the first order for the first month of service only in one of SoftLayer’s new data centers. Limit one per customer. Cannot be combined with other offers. Offer valid only for servers and services that are billed monthly. Hourly servers and services are not available for this promotion.

We’re on track for world domination as we add 15 new data centers and 13 new network points of presence (PoPs) to our global cloud footprint.

Expand your cloud business into new markets and see what the SoftLayer cloud platform has to offer. Want to try a beefy virtual server with 2.0Ghz cores, 64GB RAM, and 100GB storage? Or a powerful bare metal server ready for the most intense data processing? Done. Spin ‘em up and get working. Your first order is on us, up to $500 USD*.

Seamless Global Network

With both bare metal and virtual servers on demand, we designed our platform to deliver the best performance per dollar, on a seamless global network. Build what you need, deploy where you want, and pay only for what you use.

Worldwide Redundancy

Replicate data with exceptional transfer speeds among all of our data centers and enjoy unmetered bandwidth between facilities at no additional cost.

Fully Integrated, Scalable Computing Environment

SoftLayer provides the only completely integrated cloud solution in the industry, and our new data centers offer our complete product portfolio. Bare metal, virtual, and other services operate seamlessly together; creating a cloud solution that can be quickly scaled locally or globally on demand.

More Data Centers in More Places

Keep location-sensitive workloads closer to end-users. Keep backups closer to home or replicate and integrate them to any other SoftLayer data center in the world, with free unmetered bandwidth between locations.

SoftLayer’s global network is growing.

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