Virtual servers aren't the same everywhere you go. Try the cloud that was built from the ground up to be the best-in-class cloud solution for your business today.

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High-grade hardware and an industry-leading network.

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One management system, network, and platform, with one API and portal.

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Customize virtual servers with the core count, total RAM, and storage type and capacity.

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The highest performing cloud computing experience.

Numbers based on PassMark scores versus similar public cloud commodity servers.

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Our high-speed network provides global access and availability to our data centers and additional network points of presence worldwide for the industry’s highest levels of connectivity, lowest levels of latency, and the best overall network performance.

Every virtual server from SoftLayer, an IBM Company, comes with a guaranteed full 2.0Ghz core. And we allocate all physical resources 1:1, with no over subscriptions. Ever.

SoftLayer’s high performance infrastructure means:

  • Superior connectivity and availability across all data centers
  • Over 2,000 Gbps of connectivity between data centers and points of presence (PoPs)
  • On-demand deployment in your SoftLayer data center of choice, anywhere in the world

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Deploy, control, and manage all by yourself. Or all by API.

Every facet of our cloud infrastructure—including dedicated servers, virtual servers, and all of our other services—is automated, is integrated, and managed by a single management system giving you total control of every aspect of your SoftLayer environment via Customer Portal, API, or mobile apps.

Get direct access to more than 2,200 documented methods across 180 discrete services, executed without any human intermediation, including core functions like server reboots, OS reload, load balancing, and more.

With total access to your entire SoftLayer environment, you’ll be able to:

  • Deploy servers and services on demand
  • Control everything via Web portal, API, and mobile apps
  • Get unlimited bandwidth on the private network

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Customization Options


Customize up to 56 cores. Each server comes with at least one full 2.0GHz core.


Each cloud server comes with at least 1GB of RAM. You can ramp up to 242GB.


Choose up to 1.2TB local or SAN storage for your cloud server.

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Never pay for pre-configured cloud servers with resources you don’t want.

We offer you the flexibility to create a virtual server customized to the most granular level by controlling the ratio of resources your application needs independent of each other.

Maybe you want to use your virtual server as a Web server. We give you the freedom to load it up with RAM and cores but no storage. Or, if you just want your server to act as quick access storage, you can go bare bones on RAM and cores and load it up with storage.

Beyond complete resource customization options, you’ll get to:

  • Choose from public node virtual servers and private node virtual servers
  • Seamlessly integrate with your dedicated infrastructure at SoftLayer, an IBM Company