Build the Future.
SoftLayer Solutions

Build your cloud solution with a modular infrastructure that includes:

This is where social media leaders, top mobile apps, wildly popular online games and cutting-edge digital visionaries find a home and foundation.

With dedicated servers, cloud servers, storage, networking, and more, we have the modular platform you need to build your next-generation cloud-based application, service, or solution.

It’s all based in our 13 data centers in the US, Asia, and Europe (plus network Points-of-Presence worldwide) and connected by a one-of-a-kind network of networks. And every aspect leverages our full-featured API and sophisticated automation tools. Together, you get a powerful, on-demand platform that seamlessly spans physical and virtual devices, as well as international borders.

If you have the idea, we have the infrastructure. Build the future.

Flexibility & Choice

The cloud is as much about business agility as technical flexibility. Our automated platform lets you deploy dedicated servers in under a couple of hours and cloud servers in minutes, customize every aspect (from server configurations to security rules) on demand, and have it month-to-month without minimum or multi-year commitments.

True Hybrid Solutions

Our global private network seamlessly connects dedicated and cloud servers—even between data centers—on the same network as if they were in the same rack, with no additional connectivity products to buy. And our Flex Images™ technology allows you to deploy on cloud or dedicated and move back and forth as your needs evolve.

Global Platform

  • 13 data centers and 16 additional network PoPs connected by private network
  • 2,000Gbps of network connectivity
  • Automated dedicated server deployment
  • Robust management toolset, including web portal, mobile applications, and full API
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