SoftLayer Doubles Its Presence in Amsterdam
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Enjoy even more SoftLayer cloud capacity in the Netherlands. Our second data center is now open in Amsterdam, so you can employ geographic redundancy, backups, and more—right in country.

Disaster Recovery

Keep data safe by creating geographic redundancy and disaster recovery options within the Netherlands. Our state-of-the-art data centers in Amsterdam are equipped to handle any cloud workload and are ready to work for you.

Five Locations in Europe

SoftLayer has data centers in London, Paris, Frankfurt, and two in Amsterdam. Each is built to the same specifications and connected via the SoftLayer global private network. Enjoy unmetered bandwidth between all our facilities at no additional cost.

Secure Cloud

In addition to online security features—like our secure private management network that’s completely segregated from the public Internet—every SoftLayer data center is also protected against physical intrusion. And we meet the industry’s most stringent compliance guidelines in order to provide you with reports and information for your own compliance needs.

Fully Integrated, Scalable Computing Environment

SoftLayer has the only completely integrated cloud solution in the industry, and our new data center in the Netherlands offers our complete product portfolio. Bare metal, virtual, and other services operate seamlessly together; creating a cloud solution that can be quickly scaled, locally or globally, on demand.

"We’ve been with SoftLayer for four years, and we couldn’t be happier…SoftLayer helps us to scale globally to deliver daily traffic in 200 countries."
Eric Nadalin, CTO at Nexmo

The SoftLayer Global Network

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