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The recipe for mobile and big data app success: Start small. Iterate fast. Grow to epic proportions. Unfortunately, most developers' databases come up short when they try to simultaneously "iterate fast" and "grow to epic proportions." Scaling a database yourself is challenging; it is loaded with unknowns, complications, and operational expense.

Cloudant can help.

Cloudant provides a managed NoSQL cloud database service, a fast, always-on, scalable database that Cloudant operates and grows so developers can stay focused on new development and not on IT operations. It’s built on the SoftLayer platform, giving it the performance, scale, and flexibility that your fast-growing Web services need.

With Cloudant, provisioning is instant, and development is easy. Get, put, index, and query JSON data and attachments via a RESTful API. Thousands of developers of large-scale or fast-growing Web and mobile applications have chosen to develop with Cloudant on SoftLayer, because Cloudant is more than a hosted database. It also features built-in:

  • Data distribution and geo-load balancing across a global network of SoftLayer data centers for high availability and lower data access latency
  • Full-text indexing and search for enhancing your app with text document processing and analytics
  • Incremental MapReduce for developing real-time analytics
  • Data replication and sync between Cloudant and on-premise data centers or mobile devices to enable off-line app usage