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At SoftLayer, we were geeks a long time before we were cloud service providers. On day one, our developers set out to create the modular, scalable infrastructure services that they would want to have in order to develop the cloud solution of their dreams. That led us to start with an API that provides precision control, wrap it around everything we offer, and constantly find ways to put more tools at developers’ fingertips. We built the platform so you can build whatever you want.

Secure Platform

Unique network architecture segregates public, private, and internal traffic, limiting and controlling access to your infrastructure as you choose.

Comprehensive Options

Tailor your individual protection profile to meet your needs through a variety of hardware and software security options.

Advanced Technologies

Choose the latest, industry-leading security solutions to create a comprehensive strategy that answers current threats and your needs.

SoftLayer API

The Industry's Most Comprehensive Open API

Our open application programming interface (API) provides system-to-system access with more than 2,200 documented methods across 180 discrete services. Supports SOAP and XML-RPC interfaces, and fully integrates with any third-party or custom application.

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Message Queue

Cost-effective Messaging and Notification For Higher Scalability

Give your applications and workflows a higher level of scalability and automation by taking the bottlenecks out of intra-application and inter-system communications.

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Digital Transcoding

Audio and Video Conversion For Optimizing Content Delivery

Free to use for all customers, and fully automated and accessible through the customer portal.

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Email Delivery Service

Highly Scalable Email Relay Solution

Avoid the time and cost of developing your own email delivery solution or licensing a third-party service. Built on SendGrid™, our email delivery service integrates into applications and services on any SoftLayer bare metal or virtual environment.

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SoftLayer Development Network

Developer Community and Knowledge Base for the SoftLayer API

Search for specific API services and methods, read development-focused blogs, and connect with other developers to share tips, ideas, and best practices..

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