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Custom private addressing

Get more out of your servers’ private networks.

Get more control over your bare metal and virtual servers’ private networks with custom private addressing for qualified Direct Link customers.

Resolve difficult IP conflict challenges by creating a custom private network for your SoftLayer servers that blends seamlessly with your existing infrastructure.

Easy growth management

Reduce management complexity as you expand your network’s reach.

Hybrid connectivity support

Connect your existing infrastructure to the cloud using your own private IP numbering scheme for seamless hybrid communication.

Multi-provisioning benefits

Optionally, use additional private networks as segregated work areas for development, secure applications and other specialized workloads

Extend your on-premise infrastructure to the IBM SoftLayer Cloud and target a custom private network with a non-conflicting IP range.

Provision additional, segregated private stacks or clusters of servers for development, A/B testing, staging, or offloading of on-premise services.

Stay safely separate. Servers in different private networks are segregated by default and can only be reached via VPN over the public network.

Use public IPs along with firewalls, load balancers or server VPN to create secure connections across your private networks and to resources outside your SoftLayer account.

Getting started with custom private addressing

Custom private addressing may be offered to new IBM SoftLayer Direct Link customers who are unable to resolve private IP addressing conflicts by other means. Custom private addressing is no-charge, requires a new SoftLayer account and is compatible with a subset of standard IBM SoftLayer products and features. Its use is not required for most customers. If, during Direct Link setup, custom private addressing is recommended by your Sales Engineer, he or she will explain considerations and restrictions related to this feature’s use.

Custom private addressing is available for servers in the following IBM SoftLayer data centers:

  • MEX01
  • LON02
  • DAL09
  • MON01
  • SJC03
  • WDC04
  • AMS03
  • MIL01
  • DAL10
  • SNG01
  • MEL01
  • SYD01
  • SEO01
  • OSL01
  • FRA02
  • PAR01
  • TOR01
  • TOK02

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