Big Data

Needs big iron.

Businesses today create unprecedented amounts of data, every single minute. Storing, processing, and pulling value from that data is no easy task. And while big data (NoSQL) solutions are designed to provide a level of scalability that structural (SQL) database solutions couldn’t, they need infrastructure that is simultaneously as scalable as the application and powerful enough to drive it.

With on-demand provisioning of bare metal and virtual servers in a seamless global platform, SoftLayer provides the scalability and performance that big data solutions require to perform at their best. Configure your own big data solution from scratch, or take advantage of our turnkey, multi-server deployment solutions created to provide leading big data and NoSQL solutions with best practices and optimized hardware configurations.

Ideal Power

With bare metal servers, avoid performance costs of shared hardware, network hops, and underperforming drives associated with virtual systems.

Predictable Performance

Full transparency and control of your environment provides consistent performance and better planning for scaling as operations grow.

Higher Scalability

Scale up, out, in, or down on demand and paying as you go with two to four hour deployment and no long-term commitments.

Built-to-Order Solutions

Combine and configure your ideal bare metal and big data application.

Big data isn’t confined to a particular database structure or software platform, so you aren’t restricted either when it comes to building your big data infrastructure on our platform. Whether you’re creating the next big thing in big data platform architecture or you’re using proprietary software to gather, store, analyze, and deliver information for your application, you’ll benefit from the power of bare metal server resources.

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Turnkey, Multi-server Solutions

Big data gets a big head start..

In collaboration with Cloudera, MongoDB, Inc., and Basho, we provide multi-server environments tailor made for their specific big data application. Our solution designer makes it easy to build the ideal environment using bare metal servers spec’d for each vendor’s best practices, customize those servers to your needs, select application support provided by the vendor’s themselves, and order it all with one push of a button. We deploy the solution on demand, big data application installed and configured, ready to go to work.